Hospital Chargemaster Reviews

We have a dedicated team of experts with more than 30 years of experience available to evaluate a hospital’s Charge Description Master (CDM).  After a thorough evaluation, we make the necessary corrections and provide education for the hospital staff that will enable them to maintain the chargemaster correctly on a daily basis. Maintaining the chargemaster adequately and correctly enhances revenue, optimizes reimbursement, increases efficiency in the revenue cycle through submission of cleaner claims and reduces denials and compliance risks.   

ACS consultants begin a complete CDM review and update process with an extensive review of selected outpatient and inpatient accounts, along with the corresponding billing forms such as the UB-04, itemized statement, medical record and electronic payment summary. These documents present the total picture of an episode of care, beginning from the point of order and continuing through billing and reimbursement.

As a component of our education, ACS provides the hospital with comprehensive toolkits for each outpatient department to help charging, coding and billing personnel to more accurately assign charges, codes and understand the billing edits in all revenue areas of the hospital.

A free CDM analysis is available from ACS.  Our analysis will provide information on whether the current CDM needs a complete review, a limited update or no changes needed.