Hospital Chargemaster Reviews

Hospital Chargemaster Assessment

Our dedicated team of experts have more than 90 years of experience available to evaluate a hospital’s Charge Description Master (CDM). The hospital chargemaster is how providers communicate medical bills to payers and patients. Comprehensive maintenance is key to preventing revenue leakage. Let our expert team help optimize your charge revenue and reimbursement through assessment, education and training.

Contact ACS for your free chargemaster analysis report to see where the weakest points are in your chargemaster.

Benefits of Maintaining the Chargemaster

Maintaining the chargemaster adequately and correctly:
  • enhances revenue
  • optimizes reimbursement
  • increases efficiency in the revenue cycle through submission of cleaner claims
  • reduces denials and compliance risks

ACS has comprehensive documentation, charging, coding and billing toolkits which will help your revenue cycle team to maintain the chargemaster and stay in compliance with the CMS federal regulations, National Correct Coding Initiative and Outpatient Code Edits.

Improved Chargemaster Management

Discover a better, more comprehensive way to manage the chargemaster. ACS will help you discover where revenue is at risk and opportunities to increase revenue and reimbursement.

Comparative Competitor Pricing

ACS will show you which charges are less than allowable and provide the core based statistical area average charge in your geographical area. This helps the hospital discover where significant comparative pricing discrepancies exist with competitors.

Compliance Training and Education

ACS will identify unbilled clinical services and discover high-risk compliance issues that we will provide expert training and education to the appropriate staff to help maintain compliance on an ongoing basis.