Administrative Consultant Service, LLC (ACS) is a corporation providing consultation to improve the clinical and financial outcomes of healthcare. 

Beginning in 1985, ACS was established for the purpose of assisting hospitals by uniting the efforts of the physicians, nurses, coders and the case management/utilization review staff to achieve optimal reimbursement and cost efficient,high quality patient care.  We believed then, and still do today, that their continued success together would enable the hospital to not merely survive, but to thrive.  

ACS consultation services are designed to promote clinical efficiency and effectiveness along with ethical reporting of diagnoses and procedures through education, improved documentation, and coding accuracy.  It has been our experience that some hospitals find areas in which their billing practices have resulted in inadvertent over-payment.  However, by far we find the majority of errors and omissions have resulted in underpayment.  Experiencing inaccurate reimbursement may be attributed to a combination of factors, including coding practices, inadequate physician documentation, and/or inappropriate level of care determinations (inpatient versus outpatient).

Deborah Hale, the company founder has served as the company’s president since 1985, and continues in this leadership role today.  In addition to the services provided by ACS, she and her husband Steve served in full-time ministry together for 25 years.  Their commitment to spiritual values permeates the business and continues as a driving force.  At a fundamental level, we view our work as ministry and our entire ACS team as family.