ICD-10 & You: A Match Made in Heaven

Posted on 02/13/2018

ICD10 Valentine's Day Medical Coding Fun

Valentine’s Day is meant for romance, fancy chocolate, and medical coding. Who knew this holiday could be so dangerous? Keep reading to discover the possible code for these Valentine’s Day happenings.

Struck By Cupid’s Arrow
X99.8XXA (Assault by other sharp object)
Those arrows might bring love and a serious trip to the ER.

Over Indulgence of Sweets
R73.9 (Hyperglycemia)
We know that the box of chocolates looks incredible, but let’s keep our blood sugar in check.

Heart Skips A Beat
I49.3 (Proventricular Contractions)
You must be a proventricular contraction, because you make my heart skip a beat.

Left Me Speechless
R47.01 (Aphasia)
If your date is cute enough that you lose the ability to speak, it could be love, or it could be brain damage.

Trouble Breathing
R06.4 (Hyperventilation)
Don’t forget to breathe during your Valentine’s Day date.

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