5 Superstitions and Their ICD-10 Codes Perfect for Friday the 13th

Posted by Cami Gower-Sayre on 10/13/2017

We’re having a little fun this Friday the 13th, and we’ve uncovered ICD-10 codes that remind us to be careful on this superstitious holiday. Read on to see some of the top superstitions and the possible resulting code. Don’t keep reading if you have paraskavedekatriaphobia (F40.298 – other specified phobia), or fear of Friday the 13th!

Breaking a Mirror
W25.XXXA (Contact with sharp glass)
Watch out for broken glass, you might come in contact with mirror shards.

Walking Under a Ladder
W11.XXXA (Fall on and from ladder)
Although there is no real injury walking under a ladder, be careful not to fall off!

A Black Cat Crossing Your Path
W55.09XA (Other contact with cat)
Not all cats are cute and cuddly!

Spilling the Salt
E87.1 (Hyponatremia)
Don’t spill the salt! And make sure you don’t have low levels of sodium.

Stepping On a Crack
W18.41XA (Slipping, tripping or stumbling without falling due to stepping on object)
Avoid the cracks on days like today. You don’t want your momma’s back to break (S32.009A)